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Stimate Discount
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Drug Name:
Generic Name(s): Desmopressin
Drug Class: synthetic antidiuretic hormone
Treats: certain types of bleeding problems

Stimate is a synthetic form of an anti-diuretic hormone, ADH. ADH affects renal water conservation. Stimate medicine is used to stop bleeding in patients suffering certain kinds of illnesses. The bleeding is normally a result of injuries, surgery or heavy menstrual bleeding. Stimate contains a substance known as vasopressin which helps with normal blood clotting.

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Stimate Uses

Stimate medicine is prescribed for the treatment of bleeding episodes especially in patients suffering conditions such as mild to moderate VWD or von Willebrand disease type 1 and mild hemophilia A. Stimate can also be used for treating other conditions as may be determined by the doctor. Stimate comes in the form of a spray and can only be used by certain patients. Those allergic to ingredients of Stimate, those with type 2B VWD and those with salt depletion or low blood sodium should not use Stimate.

  • Von Willebrand disease
  • Mild hemophilia A

Stimate Dosage

Stimate dosage is dependent on the individual that it is being administered to. The following dosage is an average dose and could differ among individuals. Follow your medical professional"s directions for best results.

Stimate dosage will be directed by the doctor and will depend on several factors such as condition being treated and age of the patient. Stimate spray should be used according to the doctor"s directions.

    The dose is two sprays
  • Then patients should spray one dose in each nostril.Detailed information is usually provided by the pharmacist as well as a leaflet contained with the Stimate spray.

Detailed information is usually provided by the pharmacist as well as a leaflet contained with the Stimate spray.

Stimate Side Effects

Stimate side effects will vary from patient to patient. It is advisable to inform the doctor of any allergies a patient has to avoid severe side effects. Most patients do not report any side effects with this medication. Common Stimate side effects include the following:

  • Headache
  • Stuffy nose
  • Nausea
  • Upset stomach
  • Diarrhea
  • Flushing of the face
  • </

      use may result in conditions such as - Low levels of sodium in the blood - Reduced amount of urine Fluid intake is very important and the doctor will provide guidelines on how much fluid to take. Serious side effects as a result of low sodium levels in the blood include:
      • Sudden weight gain
      • Loss of appetite
      • Vomiting
      • Severe headaches
      • Unusual tiredness
      • Irritability
      • Hallucinations

      Patients suffering any of these serious side effects should see a doctor immediately.

Stimate Interactions

Drug interactions affect the way a drug work and may render it useless. Stimate interactions may result in an allergic reaction. Patients are advised to inform the doctor of all medicines, natural health products, herbal products and diet supplements they are on. Common products and medicines that may result in a mild or serious Stimate interaction include:

  • Ibuprofen
  • SSRI anti
  • depressants
  • Drugs used to treat seizures
  • Tri
  • cyclic antidepressants
  • Diuretics or water pills