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Modicon is a female hormone mix of norethindrone and ethinyl estradiol, which prevents the release of an egg from the ovary to prevent pregnancy. The medication changes the uterine lining and cervical mucus so that it will be more difficult for the sperm to reach the uterus, and for the fertilized egg to cling to the uterus.

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Modicon Uses

Modicon is a contraception with norethindrone and ethinyl estradiol female hormones. The medication is also used as a treatment for severe acne, and for other purposes determined by the doctor.

  • Birth Control
  • Acne

Modicon Dosage

Doctor prescribed Modicon dosage should be followed, and not taken in smaller or larger amounts than recommended. The prescription label contains helpful directions for women who use the drug. To ensure pregnancy prevention, the woman may need a backup contraceptive, like a spermicide or condom, at the start of Modicon medication. Backup birth control is also recommended if the woman is sick with severe diarrhea or is vomiting. Those who will need medical tests, surgery or are on bed rest, may stop taking this medication.

  • Modicon dosage is one pill per day, taken not more than a day apart. The chewable tablet may be swallowed in its entirety or chewed. If chewed, a glass of water is recommended after the pill is swallowed.
  • The first pill is taken on the first day of the woman"s period or on the first Sunday after the start of her period.

    Modicon Side Effects

    Women using Modicon or other birth control tablets should regularly visit the doctor. They should not skip these visits. While taking the pills, they may experience unwanted Modicon side effects. The first three months may come with breakthrough bleeding, which when persistent or heavy, should be known to the doctor. Below are severe side effects that may occur when taking Modicon.

    • breathing difficulty
    • hives
    • swelling of the throat, lips, tongue and face
    • severe and sudden headache
    • speech or balance problems
    • weakness and numbness, especially on either side of the body
    • vision problems
    • heavy feeling or pain in the chest
    • nausea, general ill feeling or sweating
    • pain that spreads to the shoulder or arm, or in the upper stomach
    • rapid breathing, wheezing, sudden cough or coughing up blood
    • redness, pain, warmth or swelling in one or both legs
    • kaundice
    • breast lump
    • swelling of feet, ankles or hands
    • migraine headaches changing pattern
    • loss of appetite, dark urine or clay-colored stools
    • depression symptoms like mood changes and problem in sleeping
    • vomiting, stomach cramps, mild nausea or bloating
    • tenderness or swelling of breast, nipple discharge

    Modicon Interactions

    There are drugs that can reduce the effectiveness of birth control drugs like Modicon, resulting in pregnancy. The doctor and patient should discuss about the other drugs the patient is taking, prescribed or non-prescribed, including supplements and herbal products. The list below is not complete, but presents some of the drugs, food, lifestyle and health conditions that may result in Modicon interactions.