How Does It Work?

You Pay Too Much For Your Prescription

Uninsured? If so, you’re paying too much for your prescription. There are many options for you to save up to 75%* on your prescriptions costs with ours and discount cards on Pharmacy.

Your costs may be extremely high if your insurance involves a large co-pay for using their services. The price of your co-pay depends on multiple factors including high deductibles, limited plans, and several other features. You can save 75%* on your current co-pay with Pharmacy.

Amplified Drug Prices

You should not be overpaying for prescriptions when the cost of developing prescriptions is extremely low. The prices of many prescriptions have begun to drop dramatically with more and more brand name drugs becoming generic. The prices of these drugs are falling completely on the patients using these prescriptions by the insurance companies. You are paying more for your prescription even when the prices of the drugs are decreasing.

Saving You Money has joined forces with Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) to create a way for all prescriptions on the market to be purchased at these discounted rates. Our website does not require any personal information or registration and is completely free. Pharmacy has created contracts with pharmacies and drug manufacturers to provide you with these discounted prices. Pharmacies all over the country should accept ours.

Prescription Savings Membership
Present this card to your pharmacist with your prescription.
Member # BBB991285
Pharmacist Use Only:
BIN: 005947
GRP: 1858DGT

Print out this and show it to your pharmacist to start saving up to 75%* off your prescription! Or fill out the form below to get a personalized card sent to your home.

Where can I use this card?
Pharmacies all over the country will accept our discount card. The markdowns will be different for every pharmacy. Please call nearby pharmacies to find the best deal.

What if I am uninsured?
You do not need insurance to be able to use our discount card. You should never pay full price for your prescriptions!
Does this card work with insurance?
Our discount card should not be used in place of an insurance card. However, ours may save you more money than your current insurance co-pay, so please be sure to ask your pharmacist for details.