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Mental health in another way can also be defined as the absence of mental disorder. Every year, one in 5 adults in the USA is affected by mental health conditions at any given time. The highest quality of life however, can be made possible for affected persons if an emphasis is given on the speedy intervention. Studies suggest that early detection and prevention of a disturbed mental condition can significantly decrease the risk of a child having to suffer a mental disorder later in life. Therefore, to ensure staying mentally healthy, it is important and essential to understand the state of your mental health.

Mental illness is considered one of the most common health conditions affecting people around the world. The good news is that there is treatment for even the most critical cases and almost anyone suffering from mental health conditions can live without the stigma and can continue to meaningfully contribute to his or her family and the society.

Mental health, if under trouble will not improve on its own, and if left unattended could worsen the patients' condition or lead to serious problems. The quickest and easiest way to check whether you are experiencing any symptoms of a mental health condition is to take an anonymous screen test. There are several screens online for mental health conditions such as:

  •          Anxiety
  •          Bipolar disorder
  •          Depression

You must see your doctor the time you recognize any signs of a mental illness. The effects of a mental health condition may vary. Disorders, circumstances and other factors have a bearing on your behavior, emotions and thoughts. Symptoms could also include:

  •         Alcohol or drug abuse
  •         Frequent mood swings
  •         Excessive anger, hostility and violence
  •         Excessive fears and phobias.

Staying mentally healthy is every person's basic right. Society and family must make every possible effort to ensure every loved one is healthy mentally. Psychotherapy paired with medicines is the most effective treatment. Hospitalization may be required in a minority of cases so that the patient can be closely monitored and diagnosed, and treatment administered accordingly. You may also attend support programs where people previously suffering from mental health conditions can share experiences and provide support to your condition. Today the use technology such as Telemedicine and e-health is also being employed as complementary alternative medicine for mental health and some argue it as more effective as well as affordable. As they say, 'there is no health without mental health'.

Created in the 1950's 'May is Mental Health Month' is a campaign conducted to educate masses about mental health and ways to keep your mind healthy.

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