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29 Apr

Lack of Sleep Increases Chances of Cold and Flu

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lack of sleep

The pace of life in the modern day has escalated tremendously, making people sleep for fewer hours each night. This is despite the common knowledge that lack of adequate sleep has been proven to weaken the immune system. For instance, previous studies have shown that sleep deprivation can accelerate diabetes, accelerate tumor growth, as well

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21 Jan

Advil Cold and Sinus Discount

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Advil Cold and Sinus treats pain and sinus congestion due to colds or seasonal allergies. Patients suffering from these ailments may experience watery eyes, difficulty breathing and sneezing. This medication can help relieve these symptoms. Advil Cold and Sinus medication is available in capsule and tablets form and is available as an over-the-counter medication.

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30 Oct

Tylenol Discount

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The drug Tylenol is a brand of the generic medicine Acetaminophen. Acetaminophen is the main ingredient and is also known as paracetamol. It is both an analgesic or pain killer and antipyretic which means it controls and manages fever. Acetaminophen is widely used around the world and is easily available over the counter.Tylenol is prescribed for the treatment of many different conditions.

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