Integrin Antagonists Drug Class

Overall, Integrin antagonists help promote healthy tissue development, development of the immune response, homeostasis, monitoring/slowing down tumor cell growth, inflammation and angiogenesis.

Integrin Antagonists Drugs

Integrin antagonists are programmed to combine and multiply with cells and, other integrins so they actively produce a large amount of chains. As a result these drugs are broken up and systematized into different groups. The most commonly used groups are listed below.

  • avB3
  • avB5
  • a5B1
  • a4B1
  • a2B1
  • aiibB3
  • a4B7

Integrin Antagonists Uses

These proteins are used for processing cell motility, movement, and rapid cell reproduction. Drugs in this class treat many disorders and pathological diseases. The most common uses for integrin antagonists are listed below.

Integrin Antagonists Side Effects

Integrin antagonist drugs are FDA approved, non-damaging, and have no negative mutating effects. As a result there are very little to no harmful or apparent side effects in humans for most integrin medications.

Integrin Antagonists Interactions

There are no known harmful interactions with integrin antagonists.