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Drug Name:
Brand Name(s): Binosto, Fosamax
Drug Class: Bisphosphonates
Treats: Osteoporosis

Fosamax (alendronate) comes from a group of drugs known as Bisphosphonates. The drug alters the cycle of bone formation and breakdown in the body. The alendronate slows down bone loss and the same time increases the bone mass thus preventing bone fractures.

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Fosamax Uses

Fosamax is used in women and men to treat osteoporosis and in men is used to treat Paget"s disease of the bone. In women it is used to treat osteoporosis caused by menopause. In men is also used to increase the bone mass. The drug can also be used in treating other defects not listed in the medication guide.

  • Osteoporosis

Fosamax Dosage

Fosamax dosage is dependent on the individual that it is being administered to. The following dosage is an average dose and could differ among individuals. Follow your medical professional"s directions for best results.

  • Fosamax comes as a tablet and a solution taken orally, the solution is always taken in an empty stomach once a week every morning.
  • The 5mg and 10mg tablets are always taken on an empty stomach once a day in the morning.
  • The 35mg and 70mg tablets are always taken on an empty stomach once a week in the morning.

Fosamax Side Effects

Like any other drug, Fosamax may cause side effects. You should contact your doctor if you suffer any severe side effects. Below you will find a list of common side effects. Note that not all possible side effects are listed here.

  • Abdominal pain
  • Heartburn
  • Confusion
  • Difficulty with swallowing
  • Joint pain
  • Convulsions
  • Bloody vomit
  • Nausea
  • Tarry stools

Some of the side effects which occur while using the drug may not always need medical attention since the body tries to adjust to the medicine during treatment, and eventually the side effects will go away with time. Your health care providers will advise you on the way you can reduce and prevent these side effects.

Fosamax Interactions

Before taking the drug inform your doctor if you are allergic to alendronate. Patients who have trouble sitting or standing upright for at least 30 minutes should not take the drug since alendronate can cause problems in the stomach or the esophagus. Because of this you will need to be upright for at least 30 minutes after you have taken the medication. Before taking this drug be sure to brush your teeth and clean your mouth properly because this drug can cause serious jaw problems. Make sure to visit your dentist so that he can perform any needed treatment before taking the drug.

Drug interactions with Alendronate:

  • Antacids
  • Aspirin
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs