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Ferrlecit Discount
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Drug Name:
Generic Name(s): sodium ferric gluconate complex
Drug Class: complex iron compound
Treats: iron deficiency anemia

Ferrlecit, an iron compound, is known as sodium ferric gluconate complex in a sucrose injection. Ferrlecit is ideally a stable macromolecular compound that is used to maintain and replenish iron in the body. Iron is very crucial for the synthesis of normal hemoglobin in order to maintain normal oxygen delivery. It is also an essential element in the body for the synthesis of DNA and enzyme processes and for metabolism.

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Ferrlecit Uses

Ferrlecit is indicated for the treatment of patients with iron deficiency. Such patients usually suffer anemia. Ferrlecit is mainly indicated for use in treating iron deficiency anemia in patients receiving supplementary erythropoietin therapy and are undergoing chronic hemodialysis. Ferrlecit medicine works by ensuring the body receives its optimum levels of iron mineral so as to function properly. Iron is among some of the most essential minerals in the body.

  • Iron Deficiency

Ferrlecit Dosage

Ferrlecit medication should be used exactly as prescribed by a doctor. Patients are advised to follow all instructions when using this medicine. Any questions regarding proper use can be directed at the doctor or pharmacist. Ferrlecit dosage is expressed in terms of iron mgs. A 5 ml vial contains 62.5 mg of elemental iron.

  • Recommended Ferrlecit dosage for adults is 10 ml of Ferrlecit or 125 mg elemental iron. This is administered intravenously over a 1-hour period per session.
  • For repletion treatment, this dose is stepped up to 1000 mg of elemental iron administered over eight dialysis sessions.

Ferrlecit Side Effects

Like with most other drugs, patients are likely to suffer Ferrlecit side effects. It is important to consult a doctor immediately any serious side effects are encountered. Doctors are aware of the possibility of side effects in patients but still use Ferrlecit because of the many benefits patients stand to gain. Some of the known Ferrlecit side effects include the following;

  • Abdominal pains, anxiety
  • Pain in the jaw, arm or back
  • Bladder pain, blurred vision
  • Chest pain and discomfort
  • Confusion, cold sweats
  • Hypertension or high blood pressure
  • Cramps, decreased levels of consciousness
  • Headaches, upper respiratory tract infections

These are not all the Ferrlecit side effects. Patients who experience any other side effects should tell their doctor as soon as possible.

Ferrlecit Interactions

Drug interactions will affect the way a drug works and may cause unwanted circumstances such as an allergic reaction or rendering the medication ineffective. It is advisable for patients to list down all products such as medicines and natural products, supplements that they may be currently using and then share this list with the doctor or pharmacist. This list can then be checked for possible Ferrlecit interactions. Currently, there are no known serious Ferrlecit interactions with other drugs. Doctors will usually advise their patients accordingly.