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Generic Name(s): Pamidronate
Drug Class: Bisphosphonates
Treats: N/A

Aredia is a bisphosphonate. Aredia adjusts the cycle of bone breakdown and formation in the human body. It meets expectations by reducing abnormal and normal bone loss, which serves to keep up the strength of the bone. This likewise serves to lessen the calcium amount in the blood in circumstances in which the blood calcium level may be too high.

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Aredia Uses

Aredia is employed to help reduce the calcium level in the body associated with most cancers (named hypercalcemia of malignancy). Aredia is usually used to take care of Paget"s bone disease. Aredia is utilized in the treatment of bone damage due to certain kinds of cancers such as bone marrow and breast cancer. Aredia does not take care of cancers.

  • Paget"s bone disease

Aredia Dosage

Aredia might possibly be given only one time in a day as a single dosage. Your specialist will certainly order body tests to check the function of your kidney before starting the treatment with Aredia.

  • The normal adult dosage is 90 mg for a single dosage. The Aredia will also be repeated in excess of 3 days or perhaps given after every 3 weeks or 4 weeks.

The way generally you receive this treatment and also the duration of one"s infusion moment is dependent upon the situation getting treated. Adhere to your expert"s directions.

Aredia Side Effects

The accompanying symptoms are normal for patients taking Aredia:

  • Flu symptoms (for example, chills, mild fever, fatigue, joint aches/ muscle) may happen after this treatment.
  • Bone pain, swelling/redness/pain at the injected place, headache, appetite loss, dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, trouble sleeping and drowsiness may happen.

When all of these side effects continue or perhaps worsen, talk to your pharmacist or doctor immediately. Tell your specialist instantly if you encounter any side effects of low calcium for example:

  • Muscle jerks or shivering/deadness (especially across the mouth/ lips).

Inform your physician instantly if you have any kind of severe unwanted side effects:

  • Trouble breathing,
  • Jaw/mouth sore,
  • Pain in jaw,
  • severe or increased joint/ bone /muscle pain,
  • unusual or new thigh/hip/groin pain,
  • eye problems(for example, itching/ redness /swelling),
  • change in the urine,
  • unusual weakness/tiredness,
  • mood changes (for instance confusion or irritability),
  • Pounding/irregular /fast heartbeat.

Aredia Interactions

Aredia damages ones kidneys. This impact is expanded when you utilize different prescriptions which are harmful to your kidneys. You might require special tests or dosage adjustment in the event that you have as of late utilized: